Go-Dome – The Worlds Finest Portable Planetariums


Go-Domes™ are available in blue and black, colors that do not show dirt and are easily wiped clean. Go-Domes™ are flame retardant to international fire safety standards and meet the rigid California standards. Each Go-Dome™ is made to exacting US standards with stringent quality control procedures in place before each dome is shipped. Go-Domes™ are shipped in cargo duffle bags. Many owners place the duffle directly on a rolling cart for dome transport.

Go-Domes™ range from lightweight 4-10 meter domes to domes with rings, and the new large Zodiac domes with permanently inflated walls and doors.

Go-Dome™ also manufactures a convex mirror projection system called the Newtonian™2. The Newtonian™2 is a low-cost, easily portable projection alternative to fisheye systems. It is compact and lightweight for portable systems, and is a perfect solution for small planetariums to complement their existing mechanical-optical star projector by offering digital movie content. Our large front-surface convex mirror, called G0-Vex™, is protected for travel by its integrated case. Folded optics make the Newtonian™2 compact. The case sits on a stand with adjustable legs in the back of the dome… leaving the best seats in the house – the center – available for viewers! The Newtonian™2 is easy to travel, safe for the mirror, and can even be carried on some airplanes!

Product options:

Go-Dome Standard

Go-Dome Ring Dome

Go-Dome Zodiac

Go-Dome Newtonian 2 Mirrror System


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