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Go-Dome Rings

For customers needing a more traditional planetarium theater experience, Go-Dome™ offers domes with rings. These rings give the dome a vertical wall below the projection surface. The rings or tubes are inflated by the same fan that inflates the dome. Each ring has a diameter of 30 cm (1 foot) and up to 5 tubes can be provided for the spring line desired by the customer. One or two tubes hold the dome diameter and adds to stability. Three to five tubes provide a wall against which chairs can be placed. Customers wanting a dome structure with chairs often choose the ring dome.

These domes are heavier and therefore not as portable as the standard dome, but find many applications where a dome is set up for more than one day or even as a temporary theater in museums or other public spaces such as malls, lobbies, and common areas.  Ring domes have been made in sizes ranging from 4-meter domes fitting in trade shows or classrooms with tall ceilings to 8-meter portable theaters.

Ring domes are available in blue or black standard cloth.

Full Go-Dome Seating Plans and Dome Sizes can be found here: http://www.go-dome.co.uk/go-dome-sizing-charts/


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