Go-Dome – The Worlds Finest Portable Planetariums

Go-Dome Standard

The standard Go-Dome was our first and is still our most popular product. Since 2004, this dome has featured a walk-in door and a unique flocked grey dome interior as a superior projection surface for movies as well as starfields. Through the years, customers have guided our improvements.

These improvements including:

(1) input air vents in the door and along the wall
(2) front air vents which let air out of the dome before the dome can lift off the floor
(3) a taller door with 6 ft interior clearance
(4) an option for lighter weight cloth for increased portability including transport on an airplane. (The 4 and 5-meter domes can be checked as luggage on standard flights around the world.) Each improvement has increased the reputation of Go-Domes as the premier portable dome for all venues, especially those where portability is critical.

The standard Go-Dome has been manufactured in diameters from 3 meters to 9 meters, depending on the needs of the customer. It comes in blue or black cloth as well as a black lightweight cloth.

Go-Domes are positive pressure, inflated by a fan with the door acting as an airlock, allowing visitors to go in and come out without deflating the dome. The positive pressure dome provides a constant supply of fresh air, keeping audiences cool while inside the dome.

Dome Sizes

4 Metre Dome - Height of 2.6m or 8.53ft
6 Metre Dome - Height of 3.6m or 11.81ft
8 Metre Dome - Height of 4.6m or 13.45ft
5 Metre Dome - Height of 3.1m or 10.17ft
7 Metre Dome - Height of 4.1m or 13.45ft
9 Metre Dome - Height of 5.1m or 16.73ft

Full Go-Dome Seating Plans and Dome Sizes can be found here: http://www.go-dome.co.uk/go-dome-sizing-charts/


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