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Go-Vex Mirror


Go-Dome® provides a scratch resistant, dust-repelling primary convex mirror for its Newtonian™ projection system (and for other mirror projection systems). This convex mirror is a precision product with seven optical coatings for even coverage, transparency, protection against yellowing, scratch-protection, and dust repelling.

Go-Vex™ Mirrors will project a quality image for many years with proper protection and care. Unlike any other mirror on the market today, the Go-Vex™ is cleanable. See Go-Vex™ Mirror Care for more information. http://www.go-dome.co.uk/go-vex-mirror-care/

The advantages of  Go-Vex™ Mirror projection is cost, image quality and resolution.


1. Go-Vex™ Mirror solutions are less expensive than fisheye solutions. There is no debating this fact.

2. Go-Vex™ Mirrors eliminates chromatic aberration associated with the horizon of fisheye lenses.

3. Go-Vex™ and Newtonian™2 projection solutions are resolution independent with the only limited to the resolution being the projector you have chosen to use.

4. Go-Vex™ and Newtonian™2 projection solutions are infinitely upgradable. You are not stuck with the initial projector you have chosen. As projector technology continues to improve in lumens and resolutions, you are free to change out for a new projector while repurposing the original projector for classroom or other uses without penalty. This makes Go-Vex™ mirror solutions green and better for the environment.

5. More pixels on the dome! A fisheye lens coupled with a high definition projector looses over 50% of the available pixels due to the round nature of the dome master that the fisheye lens must project. A warped image, designed for a mirror captures 84% of the available pixels giving you more pixels on the dome and higher resolution regardless of what ever apples to apples projector comparison you choose to make. The image below clearly illustrates this.


Go-Vex Mirror pricing can be found here: http://www.go-dome.co.uk/pricing/

Go-Vex Mirror Dimensions: http://www.go-dome.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Go-Vex-Front-Side-1024x758.jpg  


Go-Vex Mirror

Go-Dome® provides a scratch resistant, dust-repelling primary convex mirror for its Newtonian™ projection system

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