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Go-Dome StarChamber NPD


The negative pressure StarChamber™ has a regular walk-in door. The inner dome is a standard 5 meter hemispherical projection screen. It is supported by a partial vacuum between it and the outer inflatable structure. Audiences can walk in and out of the dome experience easily and enjoy the feeling of a permanent dome overhead.

The Negative Pressure StarChamber is totally collapsible and transported in a bag. It can also be shipped. Two fans are required — one to inflate the exterior structure and the other to create the vacuum that holds up the interior grey projection dome.

Unlike other Negative Pressure domes, the Go-Dome® StarChamber™ is a complete hemi- sphere fitting inside the exterior inflatable structure.

A second vent is also provided for a third fan (or air conditioner), providing circulation within the dome.

StarChamber NPD

The negative pressure StarChamber™ has a regular walk-in door

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